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11 May 2021

  • fostering quadruple helix ties in the fields of marine technologies and blue bio-technologies for advancing innovation, business development and business adaptation;
  • promoting sustainability, diversification and competitiveness in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors through education, research & development, administrative, technological and marketing actions, including the promotion of initiatives on marketing standards and healthy nutritional habits;
  • bolstering capacity building and efficient coordination of planning and local development activities for improving marine and maritime governance and blue growth services.

  • the Adriatic-Ionian multi-modal corridors;
  • power networks and market for a green Adriatic-Ionian region;
  • integrated natural gas corridors and market for a green Adriatic-Ionian region;
  • development and operation of logistics for direct liquified natural gas (LNG) use as a clean fuel for the Adriatic-Ionian region.

  • development and implementation of Adriatic-Ionian sub / regional oil spill contingency plan;
  • protection and enhancement of natural terrestrial habitats and ecosystems;
  • promotion of sustainable growth of the region by implementing integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) and managing service providers (MSP) also to contribute CRF on ICZM of Barcelona convention and the monitoring and management of marine protected area.

  • development of the network of sustainable tourism businesses and clusters;
  • green mapping for the Adriatic-Ionian ​​region - supporting development and market access for responsible and sustainable tourism destinations and micro / SME operations in the EUSAIR region;
  • research & development for improvement of SME’s performance and growth-diversification;
  • training and skills in the field of tourism businesses (vocational and entrepreneurial skills);
  • expanding the tourist season to all-year around;
  • development of sustainable and thematic cultural routes / connecting cultural routes in the EUSAIR region.

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